Put student-athlete safety at the forefront. From pitch count infraction prevention to an easy and efficient way to verify compliance, PitchKount sets the gold standard in pitch count management.

This is PitchKount for Schools.


With the NFHS mandate requiring pitch count regulations, coaches face challenges beyond pitch counting. It's crucial to address these issues to ensure compliance and avoid violations.
Every day, coaches must calculate day of rest requirements and accurately track each pitcher's eligibility, risking penalties if they make a mistake.
A user-friendly solution that removes human error while providing instant access to pitcher availability reports is imparative to preventing violatons.

Enter PitchKount ... a seamless integration to your existing practices and tools.

MAINTAIN efficiency and Accuracy

Managing pitcher eligibility is a daily concern for coaches. Ensuring compliance is essential to avoid penalties and maintain fair play.

Coaches need a solution that seamlessly integrates into their coaching practices. PitchKount ensures no disruption in the dugout, allowing coaches to continue scoring games as usual.

After games, PitchKount's automated reporting simplifies data analysis, aiding effective pitcher management and compliance. It provides coaches with the insights they need to optimize performance and adhere to regulations.


Automate the reporting process and easily manage pitchers and pitch counts right from the dugout. Get it all done on your mobile device of choice with PitchKount's patented app – PKLive!

Receive timely reminders to remove pitchers when they reach their maximum limit, helping prevent overuse and potential injuries.

Receive real-time reminders of unavailable players to avoid costly mistakes in using ineligible pitchers.

Stay informed about upcoming rest days for your pitchers, to help manage pitching staffs.

Instantly communicate with other coaches to correct errors in real-time.


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The PitchKount system offers various methods for recording accurate pitch count data with each having its own verification process.

If there is a dispute about the pitcher(s) and/or their recorded pitch count, PitchKount provides a specific process to investigate and resolve the issue.

Not with PitchKount, it automatically performs these functions for you. Using the verified data and your specific Athletic Association’s rules, PitchKount determines each pitcher’s “Next Available Date” and provides this information to you in a daily Pitching Report.

PitchKount provides each team with a Pitching Report that lists those players who are not eligible to pitch. This report updates daily and coaches can print it out or use a mobile device to access it from the dugout.

With PitchKount, you can view your opponent’s current Pitching Report. Any listed players are not eligible to pitch that day. Print a copy for the dugout or pull it up using your mobile device. Either way, you’re in the know.

Great question, because pitch count rules apply for pitchers across all levels.  No worries though, PitchKount tracks all your pitchers and puts this information at your fingertips every day via the Pitching Report.

PitchKount verifies the accuracy of the recorded data, automatically determines each pitcher’s “Next Available Date” and then provides each team’s Pitching Report for all to see. Because of these checks and balances, PitchKount puts all teams on a level playing field.

PitchKount provides each player with an Individual Player Card detailing the dates he pitched and the number of pitches thrown.  It lists the dates in chronological order and season by season.  You’ll easily be able to show a player’s workload over time.  This information can also assist coaches in managing individual players and/or see trends in a player’s performance.

Quite the contrary, it reduces it. As a cloud based, independent application that does not require any type of download or software installation, PitchKount provides a low-touch, comprehensive solution to managing pitch count rules. Coaches and Athletic Associations won’t be tasked with record keeping, verifying data or determining required days of rest. PitchKount will lessen the load on coaches and Athletic Associations.

Each year, the PitchKount system is updated with each Athletic Association’s current rules.  So, as rules change and evolve over time, so will PitchKount!

No. PitchKount is a web based application that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection.