For State Associations

Prioritize student-athlete safety and ease administrative workflows by improving compliance from coaches.
With direct input from coaches, ADs & athletic associations, Pitchkount has been specifically created to maximize player safety, drive coaches' compliance and make life easier for administrators. Our patented technology sets the bar for excellence … and so much more.

Setting a New Standard

It’s a fact that coaches across the country are tasked with manually tracking pitch count entries where recording errors and miscalculations are common, putting the health and safety of players at risk while also jeopardizing competitive balance.

State associations are now left to oversee pitch count regulations without the necessary tools to ensure compliance. And investigating potential violations is a time consuming task ... until now.

REVOLUTIONIZING pitch count management

PitchKount offers a simple, user-friendly interface that helps eliminate pitch count errors and removes miscalculations in determining day-of-rest requirements.

Arm coaches with the information to prevent violations and automate compliance procedures.


Recording who pitched and their pitch counts is absolutely necessary. But that is not pitch count management ... it’s just step one.

Pitch count “management” encompasses all of the administrative tasks that occur after the data has been recorded and requires a system that has been specifically built for this singular purpose.

With 24/7 access to verified game reports, automated violation alerts and school-specific pitcher eligibility reports, our exclusive administration dashboard ensures every program is compliant.

PitchKount consolidates existing recording requirements into electronic formats, providing instant access. With all pitch count documents aggregated in one spot, it’s simple to investigate potential violations with just a few keystrokes.

PitchKount helps coaches prevent violations and improve adherence to association rules which decreases administrative workflows and issues.

With accurate pitch count recordings and day-of-rest calculations, PitchKount improves player safety while also helping to ensure a level playing field.

Pitchkount FEatures

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The PitchKount system offers various methods for recording accurate pitch count data with each having its own verification process.

If there is a dispute about the pitcher(s) and/or their recorded pitch count, PitchKount provides a specific process to investigate and resolve the issue.

Not with PitchKount, it automatically performs these functions for you. Using the verified data and your specific Athletic Association’s rules, PitchKount determines each pitcher’s “Next Available Date” and provides this information to you in a daily Pitching Report.

PitchKount provides each team with a Pitching Report that lists those players who are not eligible to pitch. This report updates daily and coaches can print it out or use a mobile device to access it from the dugout.

With PitchKount, you can view your opponent’s current Pitching Report. Any listed players are not eligible to pitch that day. Print a copy for the dugout or pull it up using your mobile device. Either way, you’re in the know.

Great question, because pitch count rules apply for pitchers across all levels.  No worries though, PitchKount tracks all your pitchers and puts this information at your fingertips every day via the Pitching Report.

PitchKount verifies the accuracy of the recorded data, automatically determines each pitcher’s “Next Available Date” and then provides each team’s Pitching Report for all to see. Because of these checks and balances, PitchKount puts all teams on a level playing field.

PitchKount provides each player with an Individual Player Card detailing the dates he pitched and the number of pitches thrown.  It lists the dates in chronological order and season by season.  You’ll easily be able to show a player’s workload over time.  This information can also assist coaches in managing individual players and/or see trends in a player’s performance.

Quite the contrary, it reduces it. As a cloud based, independent application that does not require any type of download or software installation, PitchKount provides a low-touch, comprehensive solution to managing pitch count rules. Coaches and Athletic Associations won’t be tasked with record keeping, verifying data or determining required days of rest. PitchKount will lessen the load on coaches and Athletic Associations.

Each year, the PitchKount system is updated with each Athletic Association’s current rules.  So, as rules change and evolve over time, so will PitchKount!

No. PitchKount is a web based application that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection.